Bodega Bay Sailing Adventures is a locally owned green business. It is ideal for Sonoma County "stay-cations" within an hour from most North Bay points. Leaving from the quaint hamlet of Bodega Bay. Check us out on Facebook, Yelp and Trip Advisor!
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We generally go sailing seven days a week at either 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm.  That trip is called "The three hour tour".  We generally take four people but can take a family of 5-6.  This is our main trip, be as hands-on as you would like or not.  Adult beverages are approved.

Groups of two are great!  Of course you can book the whole boat if you would like.

We also do "burial at sea trip" and this is an exclusive trip.

Katja's is our naturalist and she would love to share her knowledge of the local area.  In between working with Bodega Bay Sailing she works as a naturalist for a local government agency.  That trip is educational and called the "naturalist".

Extreme Sailing
New to our lineup is the extreme sailing.  This is a three day trip for the most durable and adventurous customers.  The purpose of this trip is education and fun.  We leave Bodega Bay on a Friday and sail to Pt. Reyes.  A fun afternoon at an exotic bay close to San Francisco.  The following day we sail to Tomales Bay and have an exquisit dinner at Nicks Cove.  Final Day we sail home.  This is not a princess cruise and will require lots of hands on effort.  Lets talk.

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